Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Midnight Candle horror Anthology-Indiegogo! Please Support & Share!

My name is Jolene and I am a comic book artist who has been published in books ranging from small comic publishers to bigger ones like IDW. Over the last 7 years of working as a published comic artist I have had the desire to pay forward the wonderful opportunity of seeing my work published to other comic book creators. Additionally I've met some truly fantastic comic storytellers that just need someone to believe in them and their stories. All of these are my reasons for creating Vivifica Studios. 

'The Midnight Candle anthology' was an idea that was conceptualized out my desire to start giving creators that chance to get their work published. I have been published in a few anthologies myself and I wanted to share the joy of that collaboration with other creators. When editor Dana Skvarek and I threw this idea out there to a few forums and Facebook we had no idea how many people would even want to be a part of our dream. We were soon overwhelmed with submissions and were very excited to see this project take shape. 
The Midnight Candle Anthology is a Horror graphic novel consisting of over 13+ comic stories and 20+ creators. Many of these creators are from all over the U.S.A and a few in other places of the world. For a few of these creators this is a very big chance to get that publishing credit to their names as well as the sheer joy of seeing their work in print.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Crowd Funding and Comics

So a few years ago I created a Horror comic anthology called "The Midnight Candle Anthology" for my publishing company Vivifica Studios. I am now in the crunch time of prepping my crowd funding campaign for the printing of this amazing book with 26 creators from all over the world.
If you love horror and comics this is the crowd funding for you! The Indiegogo goes live on August 1st!
The Midnight Candle Anthology FB Event!!
Vivifica Studios

Heres some sample art:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Timeless relaunch & new characters

Last year Dana Skvarek and I worked on a comic called "The Timeless". (which can be read for free here: The Timeless webcomic  We are re-working some bugs out of the storyline and going to be relaunching it later this year. Along with a revised storyline we are creating new characters.
Here are the concepts for some of the new faces good and bad.

Monday, June 1, 2015


I had a wonderful time at Phoenix Comicon over the weekend! Here's some finished prints that I had at the con that are available for sale online.
$5 each Available at Store Envy